Tom Birchenough

Tom Birchenough has been covering Russia and other countries of the ex-USSR for <I>Variety</I> since 1993, when his first stories tracked the thwarted attack on Moscow's television center by anti-government rebels. Since then he has observed the fall and currently ongoing rise of the local film industry, and spent time trying to fathom the Machiavellian political intrigues which characterised the territory's television sector for much of the 1990s. Avidly curious about surrounding regions as well, he has been a regular festival face at events as distant as Kyiv and Tashkent, Riga and Baku, in an attempt to keep abreast of such newly emerging markets. Based in Moscow for most of the last decade, he had been involved in a number of magazine and book publishing ventures, as well as writing for various British and local English-language publications, and recently organizing and programming a series of successful British film festivals staged in Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus for the British Council.

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