Kirstin Swanson

Kirstin Swanson's <I>Variety</I> career began in 1992 as a copy editor laying out the pages of <I>Daily Variety</I>. Since then she's been Sunday news editor, Vpage editor, and was the editor that launched <I>Daily Variety</I>'s Gotham edition on St. Patrick's Day in 1998. She attends the Cannes Film Festival each May, spearheading the publication of 10 daily papers from the south of France while trying desperately to translate the menus and communicate with taxi drivers. Unfortunately, her bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Nebraska required Spanish as a foreign language -- not real helpful on the Cote d'Azur. She's thrilled the French now use the Euro thus making dollar conversions to French francs unnecessary -- J-school grads don't do math. Swanson is currently assistant managing editor overseeing <I>Variety</I>'s big projects … Oscars, Emmys, the American Film Market show dailies, the intern program and whatever else editors Tim Gray and Michael Speier don't want to deal with.<br><a href=""><B>Also see: Articles by Kirstin Wilder</B></a>

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