Don Groves

One of <I>Variety</I>'s ancient scribes, Don Groves started writing for the paper in Sydney in 1981, after sharpening his skills at the Sydney Sun-Herald newspaper, TV Times magazine and the Adelaide News. He was <I>Variety</I>'s second Oz bureau chief, succeeding the late Mike Harris, who launched the office back in 1976. Groves took a brief sabbatical in 1987 but rejoined the paper in 1988, posted to London as U.K. bureau chief and later European editor and chief European correspondent. He returned Down Under in 1993, taking on a wider role as Asia/Pacific bureau chief, while continuing to track the international box office. In those rare moments when he's not working, he spends time with his wife and two daughters, follows Aussie Rules football and admits to a weakness for American pro wrestling.

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