Brian Lowry

Blunt Talk TV Review Starz
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TV Review: ‘Blunt Talk’


The kick of seeing Patrick Stewart — Sir Patrick Stewart, for heavens sake — being juvenile and naughty fades rather quickly in "Blunt Talk," a comedy that casts the elegant actor as the boozing…

Narcos TV Review Netflix
  • TV

TV Review: ‘Narcos’


Functioning as a history lesson as well as a compelling drama, "Narcos" has a "Goodfellas" vibe, inasmuch as it offers a heavily narrated, first-person account of the rise of drug kingpin Pablo…

WAGS TV Review E!
  • TV

TV Review: ‘WAGS’


A bit of fudging is necessary to turn "Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars" into the acronym "WAGS," but no more so than is required to construct this conceptually loathsome E! reality show around…

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