Army Archerd

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Just for Army Archerd


Jan. 9, 1959 GOOD MORNING: Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher were very much in L.A. last night, champagne-toasting each other at Chasen's, when the Mirror-News headlined she was a patient at Menninger's…

Remembering Michael


On Friday, June 16, 1995, I wrote: Good Morning: "Some of my best friends are Jews". Not this one anymore, Michael Jackson. Your apology after the phrase "Jew Me" and the word Kike in the lyrics of…

I’ll Drink A Toast


The calendar on my wall says today is April 27, 2009. The wall also carries a reprint of my April 27, 1953 column. It was my first for Daily Variety and this is (was) it: GOOD MORNING:  Here's the…

“Move your ass!”


The ordering voice was David Foster's. The recipient's was composer Arthur Hamilton's, who was told to get over to Capitol.  He followed orders and when he arrived at the main recording studio, he…

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