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    • Beyoncé’s Doc, ‘Homecoming,’ Is Worth the


      Beyonce’s Coachella performance leaves you euphoric, and that isn’t just the stayed-up-all-night-for-the-premiere talking.

    • The Curse of La Llorona

      ‘The Curse of La Llorona’

      The predatory bogeywoman of Mexican legend haunts 1970s Los Angeles in Michael Chaves’ efficiently formulaic shocker.

    • DF-07282_R – L-R: Josh Lucas (Brian


      A boy falls through the ice and is saved in a feel-good Christian disaster movie with no doubt about the miraculous power of faith.

    • Under the Silver Lake review

      ‘Under the Silver Lake’

      David Robert Mitchell has made a trippy L.A. noir starring Andrew Garfield as a geek going down a rabbit hole of Mystery.

    • BLESS THIS MESS - "The Chicken

      ‘Bless This Mess’

      For a show about a couple uprooting their livelihoods to move across the country, the stakes are remarkably low.

    • TV Review: 'Les Miserables' with David

      ‘Les Misérables’

      PBS’ sweeping new adaptation of the Victor Hugo classic stars David Oyelowo, Dominic West, Olivia Colman, and Lily Collins.

    • Ryan O'Connell Punam Patel Special Netflix


      Netflix’s new, sweet sitcom about a gay man with cerebral palsy deserves more time to flourish.

    • Fosse Verdon


      “Fosse/Verdon” depicts the pair’s process with a tactician’s clear understanding of how musicals, and choreography, work.

    • Hillary and Clinton review

      ‘Hillary and Clinton’

      If anyone could play Hillary Clinton, it’s Laurie Metcalf – and here she is, in Lucas Hnath’s “Hillary and Clinton.”

    • Burn This review

      ‘Burn This’

      Adam Driver and Keri Russell make sparks in a passionate dance of denial and discovery, in this Broadway revival of Lanford Wilson’s play.

    • Be More Chill review

      ‘Be More Chill’

      The Broadway “Be More Chill” feels more even and flows more smoothly than it did Off Broadway.

    • All About Eve review

      ‘All About Eve’

      Ivo van Hove’s stage adaptation fine-tunes its feminism for our own sexist age — image-obsessed, anti-aging, the time of Time’s Up.

    • 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' Review: Difficulty

      ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

      It’s hard to shake the feeling that if it traded in some of its stubborn design cruelty for just a touch of empathy, it would be all the greater.

    • 'Devil May Cry 5' is a

      ‘Devil May Cry 5’

      “Devil May Cry 5” shakes off the rust and reminds us why we liked these games, but you have to work to ignore its outdated feel.

    • Bioware's Broken 'Anthem' Embraces the Gig


      Even if you put aside the potential for a console hard crash, “Anthem” is a disjointed and clunky experience.


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