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    • 'Uncle Drew' Review: Kyrie Irving Takes

      ‘Uncle Drew’

      Kyrie Irving recruits four fellow NBA stars to don old-age makeup and show up the “youngbloods” in this expansion of the popular web series.

    • Damsel Sundance Film Festival


      The Zellner brothers’ first feature is an ultra-sly minimalist Western with Robert Pattinson as a cracker-barrel hero.


      ‘Incredibles 2’

      Brad Bird’s sequel to his superhero-family Pixar classic doesn’t build on the first film so much as dutifully replay it.

    • Love Is

      ‘Love Is….’

      “Love Is…” embraces a far more traditionally swoony kind of romance than other current romance series.

    • Queer Eye Netflix

      ‘Queer Eye’ Season 2

      “Queer Eye” was always fun TV, but, in ways that are realer than reality TV tends to get, it’s now verging on great.

    • Cloak and Dagger Review

      ‘Cloak & Dagger’

      The new superhero drama, starring Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph, follows two New Orleans teens trying to withstand a hostile world.

    • Julianna Margulies as Kitty Montgomery -


      If “Dietland” wants to be truly scathing, it would do better to streamline its fury and focus at more specific targets.

    • 'Henry IV' Review: Tom Hanks Plays

      ‘Henry IV’

      West coast audiences are treated to the rare pleasure of seeing Tom Hanks on stage as the actor reinterprets Shakespeare’s drunken buffoon.

    • My Name Is Lucy Barton review

      ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’

      Lucy Barton’s personal meditation blossoms into something bigger than itself — a portrait of America, even of history as a whole.

    • The Boys in the Band review

      ‘The Boys in the Band’

      Jim Parsons heads a super ensemble in this revival of Mart Crowley’s landmark play about gay friends at a birthday party.

    • My Fair Lady review

      ‘My Fair Lady’

      Lincoln Center Theater opens its heart (and its superb Vivian Beaumont stage) to that most beloved of musicals, “My Fair Lady.”


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