Shane Black, Greg Nicotero, Brian Witten to Develop Series Based on John R. Maxim’s Paul Bannerman Novels at AMC

Bannerman Spy Novels
Courtesy of WilliamMr

AMC is developing a scripted series based on John R. Maxim’s Paul Bannerman novels.

Shane Black (“Lethal Weapon,” “Ironman”), Greg Nicotero (“The Walking Dead,” “Creepshow”), and Brian Witten (“Creepshow,” “Friday the 13th”) are developing the series together. Nicotero is currently under an overall deal with AMC Networks. In addition, Jeffrey Maxim will serve as a consulting producer.

The book series consists of five titles: “The Bannerman Solution,” “The Bannerman Effect,” “Bannerman’s Law,” “Bannerman’s Promise,” and “Bannerman’s Ghosts.” The official synopsis of “The Bannerman Solution” reads, “Paul Bannerman was once his nation’s deadliest weapon – a top covert operative heading up the most lethal group of contract agents and network specialists in all of Europe. Now Bannerman is a liability – an unpredictable loose cannon that could irreparably damage America’s shaky intelligence structure, if he chose to. So the decision has come down from the top: Bannerman and his people must be eliminated.”

“I read this entire series years ago and found the contrasting worlds of these dark and tortured souls desperate to live normal lives quite compelling,” Nicotero said. “To partner with Shane on this, who shares the same passion that I do for the books, takes this project to a whole other level.”

The development of the series keeps Nicotero in the AMC fold, as he has been a major force behind the network’s highly successful “Walking Dead” franchise, working behind the camera as a director, producer, and special makeup effects master.

“Maxim is an untapped national treasure, and AMC provides a proper fit. It’s time,” Black added.

The Maxims are represented by attorney Robert Benun of BenunLaw.