If only Joel were vegan, maybe he could’ve prevented the end of the world in “The Last of Us.”

PETA has released a new commercial, airing on TV this weekend ahead of HBO’s “The Last of Us” season finale, that uses some very familiar scenery and music to warn against the dangers of eating meat. The ad also uses a young female orphan in the video, attempting to draw parallels to Bella Ramsey’s character Ellie on “The Last of Us.”

In the video, the girl walks around a run-down, post-apocalyptic city while listing off all the rules that parents give their children — which, typically, don’t include eating vegan.

“You said it was your job to protect me. You were always telling me what not to do. ‘Don’t run with a lollipop in your mouth. Don’t touch the light socket. Don’t go near the stove. Don’t chase a ball into the street. Don’t talk with strangers online. Don’t do this and don’t do that because you could get hurt.’ But you never said, ‘Don’t eat meat or dairy.’ Now look what you’ve done,” the girl says forlornly.

“The horrors portrayed in ‘The Last of Us’ are imaginary, but as Greta Thunberg has made clear, kids will face a truly dire future if we continue pumping greenhouse gases from meat and dairy production into the atmosphere,” said PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman in a statement. “No parent wants to doom their children to an inhospitable planet, which is why PETA is urging them to feed them vegan before it’s too late.”

The ad will air this weekend during some similarly grim, end-of-the-world programming. SYFY will run it during “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Zombieland” on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, and it will appear during the Season 8 premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead” on Sunday.

Watch the PETA ad below.