Gaumont has kick-started the engine on “In the Car,” a road drama set during the early days of the war in Ukraine, that has just started shooting in confidential locations in and around Kyiv. Leading Ukrainian media group Starlight Media is handling production duties.

Created by “Early Birds” producer Eugene Tunik, the dramatic series pulls from lived experiences of Kyivans scrambling for shelter following the Russian invasion in February 2022, with each episode finding local therapist Lydia (“How is Katia?” star Anastasia Karpenko) shuttling a different person to safety. Told from inside the protagonist’s car, the 10 episodes will explore different tales of resilience and civic responsibility.

“The struggle for Ukraine’s victory and the values it represents, such as freedom, dreams, independence, respect, and equality, isn’t limited to the courageous soldiers fighting on the front lines,” says Starlight Media CEO Oleksandr Bohutskyi.

“Millions of ordinary people are also doing extraordinary things, becoming heroes in their own right. The journey toward peace is not only occurring on the battlefield but also on civilian roads where individuals are working to save, help, and support others… Through this project, we can appreciate the impact of everyday heroes and their stories beyond the scope of roadside explosions and military operations.”

Gaumont launched the project at last month’s EFM, spearheading a partnership of private and public broadcasters from across the European continent. The continental co-production has since revved to life in impressive time.

“We are happy that our global group structure with operating offices in core European markets allows us to act as one stop shop for our broadcasting partners all over the continent,” adds Gaumont Vice-CEO Christophe Riandee.

He added: “This enables us to set up international co-productions and financings without which such very special and relevant series would probably not have been produced at this point. And we are looking forward to more international co-productions being set up by our European teams.“