Christina Applegate put a hateful commenter on blast over a claim that plastic surgery changed her appearance and not her multiple sclerosis. The actor appeared with her children at the Critics Choice Awards on Jan. 15, which was the first major awards ceremony she attended since announcing her MS diagnosis in August 2021. Applegate was nominated for best actress in a comedy series thanks to her role on “Dead to Me.”

“Sooooo I made the unfortunate decision to look at some comments on an article from People magazine about me and my kids at the [Critics Choice Awards],” Applegate posted on Twitter. “Of course I told her that it wasn’t nice. This was her reply. What is wrong with people? By the way, I laughed.”

Applegate included a screenshot of the commenter telling her, “MS didn’t make you look that way, a plastic surgeon did. And you are a scammer and are not [Christina] Applegate.”

The hateful commenter followed up with one more comment: “And a bad plastic surgeon at that.”

Fortunately for Applegate, she “laughed” off the situation. The Critics Choice Awards was the latest public event that Applegate attended following her MS diagnosis. She made her first public appearance in November to attend her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Applegate broke down in tears at the event while thanking her daughter for supporting her through her MS diagnosis.

“The most important person in this world is my daughter,” Applegate said. “You are so much more than even you know. You are so beautiful and kind and smart and interesting. I’m blessed every day that I get to wake up and take you to school… thank you for standing by me through all of this.”

Applegate called all of her fans in attendance “gorgeous” and added, “Every single one of you. I love you [all] so much.”

In an interview with Variety ahead of the Walk of Fame ceremony, Applegate said filming the final season of “Dead to Me” while battling MS was “hard as you would possibly think it would be.” The actor had to use a wheelchair to get to set.

“Dead to Me” is streaming in its entirety on Netflix.