Spanish SVOD service Atresplayer Premium has announced at the Berlinale Series Market a raft of new cast members joining the continuation of its award-winning trans series “Veneno,” which played on HBO Max in the U.S. to large acclaim.

Joining the cast of the seven-episode series “Vestidas De Azul” are supporting cast members Susana Abaitua (“Crazy about Her”), Elena Irureta (“Patria”), Luis Callejo (“Jefe”), drag artist Estrella Xtravaganza, Mercedes Sampietro (“Gary  Cooper, Who Art in Heaven”) and Anabel Alonso (“7 Vidas”), among others.

The announcement was made at a Q&A on Monday focused on the continuation of the series. It forms part of a Next from Spain event focusing on first looks at four new series.

Currently shooting, Atresmedia,Atresolayer Premium parent, says it plans to begin streaming the new series in the fourth quarter of the year. 

The original series was based on the life of Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez (La Veneno), a famous trans personality and singer from Spain. La Veneno died in 2016. The Spanish actress and LGBTQ+ activist Isabel Torres, who starred in “Veneno” and played Cristina, died two years ago. 

The first series was based on the biography “Digo! Ni Puta Ni Santa:. Las Memorias de La Veneno” by Valeria Vegas.m who is also a writer on the new series. 

The continuation series is based on the book “Vestidas De Azul” which plumbs the documentary film “Vestidas,” about six trans prostitutes in Madrid in the 1980s.

The new series is produced by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi of Suma Content, “Los Javis,” the celebrated writer-director creators of “Veneno.” Mikel Rueda (“Hidden Away”), Claudia Costafreda (“Cardo”) and Ian de La Rosa (“Victor XX”) are directing. 

Actors reprising their roles in the sequel include Lola Rodriguez, Paca La Pirana, Goya Toledo, Alex Saint, Juani Ruiz, Angeles Ortega and Desiree Vogue. 

Said Rodríguez. “I’m so excited. In this series I find myself and my own story reflected.