A Daniel Craig-voiced aid appeal for victims of the tragic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria earlier this month is set to run across 29 networks simultaneously in the U.K. on Friday evening.

Media companies including Warner Bros. Discovery, Channel 4, ITV, UKTV, Channel 5 and Sky have gifted advertising space for the 90-second Disasters Emergency Committee appeal, which will run at 9.55pm local time. Channel 4 will also run the advert on its YouTube channel from Friday until Sunday.

Ocean Outdoor have also gifted advertising space and the appeal will run on large format digital screens at the same time in major U.K. cities including London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester.

The advert, produced pro bono by Recipe, shows the devastation from the earthquakes, which are believed to have killed over 30,000 people. They also show how viewers can donate to the campaign.

“Seeing the devastation of the earthquake, we wanted to use the power of a joint broadcaster and advertising initiative to help raise awareness for this important cause,” said Verica Djurdjevic, chief revenue officer at Channel 4. “We’re incredibly grateful to Recipe and the plethora of other media owners who have also offered their support through this project.”

The appeal is an edited version of a film originally produced by ITN, which was aired on Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and Sky news earlier this month to mark the launch of the appeal. It has already raised over $120 million.

“The public’s generous response to the DEC’s appeal for survivors of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey has been incredibly moving to see,” Craig said (reported by the Evening Standard). “The earthquakes lasted seconds but the aftermath will last for years. Since I filmed the broadcast appeal, the numbers of people confirmed as killed or injured have gone up by tens of thousands.”

“Hospitals, schools and businesses have been reduced to rubble, and hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless in freezing winter conditions. Please do what you can to help them by supporting the DEC appeal.”

Watch the appeal below: