Quavo posted a touching tribute song Wednesday night to his nephew and Migos bandmate Takeoff, who was shot and killed in Houston on Nov. 1.

Titled “Without You,” the song is a heartfelt and heartbreaking reminisce that features a video of Quavo sitting sadly, smoking a blunt, looking down and rocking gently in a chair as the song plays.

“Tears rolling down my eyes
Can’t tell you how many times I cried
Days ain’t the same without you
I don’t know if I’m the same without you.”

The song continues in a heartbroken but warm and loving tone, with Quavo remembering various high and low points in their lives and career. It then moves into the chorus:

“I wish I had a time machine
Just so you can take a ride with me
I miss how how you smile at me
Unc & Phew until infinity.”

The first two lines of that chorus conclude the song, but with the final lines :

“But I know it don’t work that way
Ima see you again some day.”

The song fades with Quavo singing “Taaaaake… I’m sorry.”

While the song was posted Wednesday on Quavo’s socials with the brief message “Long Live Take Infinity,” he posted a much longer reminisce a few weeks after Takeoff’s death (see below).

Quavo was Takeoff’s uncle, although just four years older. The two formed Migos with fellow rapper Offset in 2008.

Takeoff (real name: Kirsnik Khari Ball) was shot and killed in the early hours of Nov. 1 at a bowling alley in downtown Houston where he and Quavo were at a party with approximately 40 to 50 people where a dice game was taking place. The two were not involved in the game or a dispute that took place afterward — Takeoff was an “innocent bystander,” according to Houston police.  

“I can tell you that Takeoff was not involved in playing the dice game, he was not involved in the argument that happened outside, he was not armed. He was an innocent bystander,” Sgt. Michael Burrow said at a press conference on Dec. 2 in which the arrest of a suspect in the shooting, Patrick Xavier Clark, on a murder charge was announced. “The event was a private party, there was a lucrative dice game that went on at the event, there was an argument that happened afterwards outside the bowling alley which led to the shooting,” he said.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said at the press conference, “I will say that too many young men — and I will be more specific and say too many young men of color —are killing other young men. This has to stop.”

On Nov. 11, 10 days after his murder, Takeoff was remembered in a “Celebration of Life” at the State Farm Arena in his hometown of Atlanta. The event was attended by friends, fans, family members and music industry peers. Fellow artists Drake and Justin Bieber were part of the service, with Migos members Quavious “Quavo” Marshall and Kiari “Offset” Cephus offering emotional speeches to the capacity crowd of 21,000 people.