The Number 44, the production company co-founded by director-producer Ben Charles Edwards (“Quant”) and Goldfinch, has revealed its slate of productions due to be completed by the end of 2023.

The company is currently in post-production with its previously announced project, “The Wheels of Heaven,” starring Mickey Rourke.

The new slate of projects includes:

“All Cats are Black at Night,” written by Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz (Netflix’s “Sick Note”), is a psychological thriller about Candi, an influencer whose perfect life on social media is far from the truth. When a rival influencer is murdered and dismembered, Candi is thrown into a dangerous world of secrets and lies.

“I’ll Play Mother,” directed by Brad Watson (“Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop”) is a psychological horror about the paranoia of parenthood. Asif and Michelle have spent two years trying to adopt and finally meet their children, but the arrival of a life-sized “Pretend Mummy” creates unease and raises questions about the children’s past.

“The Album,” written and directed by Fitch/Baker, is a claustrophobic horror set in the 1970s. The story explores themes of solitude, ego, creativity, and jealousy, and what can happen when humans’ darker sides aren’t kept in check.

“The Tangle,” written by Libby Adam and Justin Robertson, based on the bestselling novel by the latter, is a hallucinogenic journey into a strange universe. The multi-episodic encounter with dark forces explores humanity’s desires, fears and follies with often horrifying consequences.

The Number 44 has also greenlit a six-episode podcast called “Hell Inc.” by Libby Adam, a dark comedy about the crisis in the underworld where overpopulation is ravaging the finite resources of Hell.

In addition to these projects, The Number 44 is also developing “Jackie the Ripper,” which it optioned from podcast production company Stak, and the previously announced “Ten Minutes of Terror” podcast series.

The Number 44, a standalone production company under the Goldfinch umbrella, takes its name from a fictional character in Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger” and is dedicated to supporting original creators of modern genre stories that examine human behavior or pose a moral conundrum. The slate was commissioned by myco, the global ‘watch & earn’ web3 streaming platform formerly known as MContent.

Charles Edwards said: “Our carefully curated slate represents 18 months of solid development by the team and we are excited to bring these productions to life for a global audience in a way that is rarely done so in the U.K.”