Sunny Side of the Doc, the international marketplace for documentaries, has unveiled the selections for the third edition of its online event Global Pitch for Global Change.

The 2023 edition is devoted to climate change, its consequences on societies and the concrete solutions implemented around the world. Following the call for entries launched in October 2022, 100 projects were received from 37 countries, including significant participation from African countries.

During the two half-day online event on Feb. 7 and 8, the 12 selected projects will have the opportunity to pitch in front of more than 100 high-level international decision-makers representing major broadcasters, streamers, foundations, buyers and other funders. The participating companies confirmed so far are National Geographic, Netflix, ABC Australia, PBS, ZDF Studio, Paramount Pictures, BBC, Arte, France TV, SVT Sweden, Off the Fence, Sundance and RTBF.

A jury of industry experts consisting of Khadidja Banouataf (Impact Social Club), Keisha Knight (IDA), Cleo Veger (Dogwoof) and Julian Etienne (Doc Society), will select the winning project, which will receive a cash prize of €3,000 ($3,235).

The event is sponsored by AJB DOC, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and WaterBear.

Mathieu Béjot, director of strategy and development at Sunny Side of the Doc, said: “Projects coming from all around the globe were extremely diverse in terms of themes, angles, treatment and format. Although we may feel we no longer need to address climate sceptics, dealing with climate change, finding justice and solutions is still an uphill struggle. Sunny Side wishes to contribute by giving greater exposure to 12 compelling stories.”

The 34th Sunny Side of the Doc will be held at La Rochelle, France from June 19-22.

The 12 projects selected for the Global Pitch 2023 are:

“The C Word”
Produced By: Northern Picture (Australia)
Directed By: Tosca Looby

“Capturing Water”
Produced By: Uhuru Production (South Africa)
Directed By: Rehad Desai

“Climate Justice”
Produced By: Seppia (France)
Directed By: Zouhair Chebbale & Léa Ducré

“Standing Up”
Produced By: State Of Mic (Gambia)
Directed By: Babucarr Manka

“Intoxicated – How To Avoid The End Of The World”
Produced By: Small Boss Production (Italy)
Directed By: Tbd

“Their Present Is Our Future: Saleem And Climate Adaptation”
Produced By: Pulp Films (France)
Directed By: Emmanuel Cappellin

“Future Home”
Produced By: Terra Mater Studios GMBH & Amberjack Films Ltd (Austria)
Directed By: Any Byatt

“Porto Central”
Produced By: Storyhouse (Belgium)
Directed By: Daniel Lambo

“Fight For Food”
Produced By: Rada Studios Ltd. (Kenya)
Directed By: Maia Von Lekow, Christopher King & Zippy Kimundu

“Flying Green”
Produced By: Vidicom Media GMBH (Germany)
Directed By: Peter Bardehle

“Everything Is Fine” (working title)
Produced By: Banyak Films (U.K.)
Directed By: Rich Felgate

“Ojos De Agua, Free The Water Of Chile”
Produced By: Dryades Films (France)
Directed By: Marcelo Lara & Marion Esnault