Rupert Grint said in a new interview with GQ Magazine UK that a “Harry Potter” reboot is almost inevetible, therefore he’d love if Warner Bros. did it as a television series instead of a movie. Grint rose to international fame playing Ron Weasley opposite Daniel Radcliffe as Harry and Emma Watson as Hermione in the original “Harry Potter” film franchise, which spanned eight movies from 2001 to 2011.

“I’d love to see ‘Harry Potter’ be adapted into a TV show,” Grint said. “I think it would really work. I’m sure the films will get remade, anyway.”

Grint said that he feels “proud” to have co-led the “Harry Potter” film franchise, but he added, “I think there’d be a feeling of passing the baton, letting someone else play Ron. It’s weird because I’m protective over him, I could relate to him so much, and then I was picked to bring him to life. That’s hard to let go. But it would be nice to, as well.”

Elsewhere in the GQ UK interview, Grint revealed that he was diagnosed with tonsillitis around the time he was filming 2005’s “The Goblet of Fire.” His commitments to the “Harry Potter” series prevented him from ever getting his tonsils removed until after he wrapped production on the final installment, “Deathly Hallows – Part 2.”

“While I was filming, there was never any time to get them out,” Grint said. “From ‘Goblet’ to the end of the franchise, I was just ill. My tonsils were absolutely massive. They became a metaphor, really. So as soon as I finished my work, I got them removed. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.” 

Grint is currently making the press rounds in support of his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror-thriller, “Knock at the Cabin.” Speaking to Bustle magazine, the actor said starring in the “Harry Potter” film “was quite suffocating” because “in the movies, we merged into one. By the end of it, I was playing myself. The lines were blurred.”

“’Potter’ was so full on — [filming] all year, then we’d promote the rest of the time,” Grint continued. “[I] wanted a break to reflect on everything… It was an out-of-body experience for a while, but I think we finished at the right time. If we continued, it could’ve gone downhill.”

Grint reunited with Radcliffe, Watson and other “Harry Potter” stars last year for HBO Max’s 20th anniversary reunion special.