Olga Kurylenko is set to lead the sci-fi action-thriller “Unify.”

Directed and written by Jonathan Hopkins (“Slumber”), the film is set in a dystopian future and tells the story of a refugee mother who holds the key to humanity’s salvation in the war against A.I. but is being hunted by a technological enemy.

Myriad has acquired rights for the action-adventure drama from BoxFly and Ostara Pictures, and will launch the film to buyers at this month’s European Film Market, which runs alongside the Berlin Film Festival. The film will begin production in October.

BoxFly and Ostara Pictures will produce “Unify” with Haydn Pryce-Jenkins and Raimund Berens. Executive producers are BoxFly’s Colin Brown, Ostara Pictures’ Graham Bryan and Myriad Pictures’ Kirk D’Amico and Brian Nitzkin. Shakyra Dowling has come on board as casting director.

From a story by Hopkins, Charlie Macpherson and Jennie Gruner, “Unify” warns of a biological A.I. virus, an existential threat, that is taking over the planet, and which is programmed to eradicate individual identity and fuse mankind into a single consciousness.

Anastasiya (Kurylenko), a refugee mother from New York searching for her lost son, must face the threat with the unexpected help of Eve, a woman caught between humanity and the grip of the relentless virus. Recognizing that her liberator holds the key to defeating their technological enemy, Anastasiya vows to escort her to the safety of the refugee camp. Following them are infected, technologically enhanced humans determined to block humanity’s escape from A.I. control.

Kurylenko’s breakout role was in the 2008 James Bond film “Quantum of Solace.” Her other credits include “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise, “Max Payne” with Mark Wahlberg, “Seven Psychopaths” with Colin Farrell and “Johnny English Strikes Again,” as well as the Marvel smash hit “Black Widow.” Her upcoming films include “The Hunting,” starring Tony Leung, and “Thunderbolts,” a flagship addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s due for release in 2024.

Kurylenko is represented by Denee De Emmony and Sara Puro-Steele at Independent Talent Group.

Director Hopkins described “Unify” as “a modern parable that explores mankind’s simultaneous mergence with technology and return to nature.”

“The idea is a passion project, born out of a personal journey of awakening, with an aim to celebrate the magic and majesty of our planet, before it is too late,” said Hopkins. “This is a vision of humanity’s reconnection and a remembering of our sacred role in the living world. We are hugely grateful to have a talent with the passion and range of Olga K. attached to the project. Making ‘Unify’ will be a profound experience for all the team. We can’t wait to start this journey and make a killer movie.”

Producers Pryce-Jenkins and Berens added: “’Unify’ is an incredibly thrilling and moving story about a mother looking for her missing child. A nightmare scenario every parent can relate to. This coupled with the reality of A.I. taking over humanity makes ‘Unify’ a very engaging ride.”

Myriad Pictures CEO Kirk D’Amico said: “We were impressed with the futuristic world that Jonathan Hopkins has created with his original take on the potentially fatal consequences of artificial intelligence for humans. We look forward to helping Jonathan, the producers and the cast led by the incredible Olga Kurylenko to bring this compelling vision to the big screen.”

Brian Nitzkin of Myriad Pictures brokered the deal with BoxFly and Ostara Pictures behalf of Myriad Pictures.