HanWay Films is launching worldwide sales at the upcoming European Film Market (EFM) at Berlin on gothic horror film “Virtue.”

The film stars Emmy-winning actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (“Game of Thrones”) and BAFTA nominated Romola Garai (“Becoming Elizabeth”). It is directed by Joanna Coates, who won best British feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival for “Hide & Seek.”

Written by Sam Hoare (“Having You”), the film, set in 1350 England follows heroic knight Sir Peter (Coster-Waldau) who returns from war accompanied by his teenage son and companions at arms to find a plague-ravaged homeland ruled by social unrest, superstition and fear. After preventing a witch from burning, Sir Peter vows to rescue Fraya (Garai), the latest villager to vanish into a haunted forest that the locals are terrified by, and in the process is forced to confront his own humanity.

The film is produced by Alex Cook for 10 08 Films Ltd and Coster-Waldau, Steve Bakken and Joe Derrick for Ill Kippers. Executive producers include HanWay Films, James Brown and Matthew James Wilkinson.

Gabrielle Stewart, CEO HanWay Films, said: “The Middle Ages and classic fairy tales present an elemental world that reinforces the patriarchal order with knights in shining armour saving damsels in distress. ‘Virtue’ takes you on a thrilling and scary ride, subverting this world and challenging the gender and power structures it protects.”

Coster-Waldau and Ill Kippers added: “What drew Ill Kippers and me to ‘Virtue’ was the combination of a strong original story by Sam Hoare and the chance of getting to work with Joanna Coates. In our many discussions about the character of Sir Peter and his journey, it is clear what an exceptional opportunity working with Joanna is. ‘Virtue’ will hopefully, first and foremost, be a riveting movie that surprises and excites the audience from the opening scene to the end credits. And if the themes of virtue, honour, family, lust, love, class and fear inspires discussion after the end credits roll, then even better.”

Garai said: “’Virtue’ is an extraordinary, dark, complex film that chills, excites and challenges you. It is such a fascinating and thrilling task to bring Fraya to life and I am beyond honoured to be part of the brilliant team breathing life into this menacing world full of moral complexity and elemental fear.”