LevelK has unveiled the trailer for “Dancing Queen,” Aurora Gossé’s coming-of-age film world premiering in the Generation section at the Berlin Film Festival.

Penned by Silje Holtet, the dance-filled movie is produced by Thomas Robsahm, whose credits include the Oscar-nominated Norwegian romantic comedy “The Worst Person in the World.”

Newcomer Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson stars as Mina, a slightly overweight underdog who falls head over heels in love and sets off to become at hip hop dancer to win his heart. The movie also stars Anders Baasmo (“In Order of Disappearance”) and Andrea Bræin Hovig (“An Affair), among others.

“With ‘Dancing Queen’ our ambition is to make a charming and warm dance film for
children, which adults will also want to see,” said Robsahm, who is producing at Amarcord. “The audience should feel a tingle in their bodies when they experience dance, passion, love and coming of age. But Dancing Queen is mostly a story about relationships,” the producer continued.

Gossé previously directed two family films and a “Casper & Emma” TV series, along with shows such as “Tainted”, “Countrymen” and “Super Hero Academy.”

“This is a story that depicts the transition from child to youth. The naive versus the self-aware. Originality against the perfect. The playful, spontaneous versus the serious and dutiful. The vulnerable versus the confident,” said Gossé. The young director said the movie was about “doing what others expect of you versus following your own dreams. About having faith in yourself versus changing to be accepted.”

Here’s the trailer for “Dancing Queen:”