Eon Productions, the company behind the James Bond films, posted revenues of £234.7 million ($285.5 million) for the financial period covering the initial release of “No Time To Die,” its latest accounts show.

The accompanying financial report also shows that the company is already focused on the next instalment of the Bond franchise, albeit one that will star a new 007.

Eon, which is owned by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, filed accounts for the year ending December 2021 at Companies House on Dec. 29. The turnover (revenue) figure includes both revenue from film production and merchandise.

After being delayed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “No Time To Die” was finally released at the end of Sept. 2021, debuting with $56 million domestically over its opening weekend in North America and generating $100 million at the international box office even before opening in China.

“The results for the year were considered more than satisfactory by the directors who anticipate an increase in the net profitability of the group during periods when a film is released,” the financial report states. “This was aided by the continuation of a substantial merchandising contract agreed in 2017.”

Eon’s profit for the year after taxation was £2.4 million ($3 million), up from £936,703 ($1.1 million) in 2020, and shareholders did not receive interim dividends during the year.

“As a result [of COVID-19 delaying the film’s release] the production costs for the film increased due to ongoing obligations, extensions of production periods and the following of new production protocols,” the report points out, before adding with typical British understatement: “However the directors are pleased that the completed film has enjoyed significant success in cinema showings worldwide in 2021.”

Broccoli and Wilson are both directors of Eon Productions Ltd. A third director, James Higgins, died in Oct. 2021 and has not been replaced. The report shows the directors were paid £3.4 million in the 2021 financial year with the highest paid (who remains unnamed) receiving £1.9 million ($2.3 million) according to the financial report, down from £2 million ($2.5 million) in 2020.

The accounts state that film production costs — the bulk of which likely constituted “No Time To Die” — amounted to £214.6 million ($261 million).

Bond fans can also take heart that a new film is very much on the cards. “Looking forward, the directors anticipate the group to display continued growth and profitability whilst concentrating on the development of its next film towards its production,” the report states.