Anonymous Content has announced its new partnership with No Nation Films, and their recently launched sales division, AC Independent. The collaboration includes the documentary, “5 Seasons of Revolution” from young independent filmmaker and reporter, Lina.

“5 Seasons of Revolution” documents the Syrian revolution, as Lina adopts a series of aliases to avoid detection from the violent state. Lina stands as both the director and subject of her directorial debut, the film is produced by the Head of No Name Films, Diana El Jeiroudi (“Republic Of Silence”) and Laura Poitras (“All the Beauty and Bloodshed” and “Citizenfour”). 

The documentary will make its world premiere on Saturday Jan. 21 at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in the World Documentary section.

Throughout “5 Seasons of Revolution” and over the course of a decade, Lina uses video diaries of smuggled footage to share this personal story of her close friends as they are slowly pulled deeper into the struggle for freedom and autonomy against enemies known and unknown.  One by one, each friend is detained and targeted by the regime and Lina ends up alone and isolated amidst the violence and chaos.  

“Lina’s film is a labour of solidarity and of the passion and commitment to tell one’s own story despite the odds. Lina worked bravely and relentlessly under unforgiving circumstances, under cover for 11 years to bring this fragile and complex story to screen.  ‘5 Seasons of Revolution’ is a story of coming of age, of building and sustaining friendships, and of the will to guard one’s own voice amidst polarized political turmoil.  After all those years, I cannot think of a better partner than Anonymous Content to champion our film,” stated lead producer, Diana El Jeiroudi.

Executive producer Laura Poitras added “This is a film of breathtaking courage and scope that will reverberate for generations to come. Lina has made an essential work about the bonds of friendship and revolution.”

Nick Shumaker, head of Anonymous Content Independent’s film and sales division commends the filmmaker for her “bravery and grit,” as she “shares a truth the world has yet to see.”

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