Sammo Hung Receives Lifetime Achievement Honor at Asian Film Awards

Sammo Hung
Courtesy of Asian Film Awards

Martial arts veteran Sammo Hung was presented with a lifetime achievement honor at the Asian Film Awards.

The ceremony is back as an in-person event after a two-year absence and has shifted back to Hong Kong after previously being held in Hong Kong, Macau and Busan. A visibly emotional Hung accepted the award on Sunday at the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Hung’s career as an actor, action choreographer, director and producer spans some 60 years.

His acting credits include action comedies “Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog” and “Odd Couple,” paranormal horror comedies “Encounters of the Spooky Kind” and “The Dead and the Deadly,” comedy film series “Lucky Stars” and gangster action film “Shanghai, Shanghai.” In 1982, Hung won the best actor prize at the second Hong Kong Film Awards for his directorial effort “Carry on Pickpocket,” as well as best action choreography for “The Prodigal Son,” which he also directed and starred in.

More recently, he had major roles in two of the “Ip Man” franchise films and a role in 2022 action thriller “Man on the Edge.”

Hung also directed a short segment of portmanteau film “Septet: The Story of Hong Kong” (2020). His segment harks back to the time he studied under Peking Opera master Yu Jim Yuen at a young age and was the “big brother”’ to the China Drama Academy’s performance troupe known as the Seven Little Fortunes, whose members included Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu and Corey Yuen. Hung had previously starred in “Painted Faces” (1988), which was based on his time in the Seven Little Fortunes. The Sammo Hung Stunt Team has nurtured several film talents.

“Cinema’s existence is so wonderful. The biggest reward I’ve gotten in my 50-year career is to see my hard work affirmed by others,” Hung had said when the Asian Film Awards honor was announced.