Audible’s hit podcast “Bitter Blood” is back for a second season — and the service has tapped “Succession” star Alan Ruck to narrate a story with as much intrigue and drama as his TV family’s.

“Murdoch v. Murdoch,” out April 6, is an eight-part deep dive into the Murdoch family, unearthing the contention and hostilities among the dynasty and its sprawling international media empire.

“The Roy culture parallels the Murdoch culture in a lot of ways,” Ruck tells Variety exclusively. The actor didn’t use the real-life Murdochs to inspire his portrayal of Connor Roy, but he did note some similarities: “[Rupert] Murdoch had one child by his first wife, just like Logan. That child is Prudence Murdoch, who, like Connor, is not really involved in the family business at all.”

Through interviews with key insiders and significant archival footage, “Murdoch v. Murdoch” tracks the rise, criticism and controversy of a media juggernaut that began more than 70 years ago. Centered around patriarch Rupert Murdoch and his children, the podcast spotlights the deep rifts and rivalries among a family whose power has grown to influence governments and effectively change the course of history.

“Bitter Blood” is produced by AYR Media, with Aliza Rosen and Paulina Williams serving as executive producers. The first season, “Kasem v. Kasem,” revealed the inside story of the lawsuit and elder abuse allegations surrounding the death of radio legend Casey Kasem.

From the Disney acquisition to the ongoing Dominion lawsuit, “Murdoch v. Murdoch” examines the fractured internal relationships, dissent and scrutiny that the Murdochs have endured through international scandals, divorces, litigation and $70 billion business deals.

“Why people love ‘Succession’ and why people want to know about Rupert Murdoch or any of these dynastic families is because, as regular people, it’s comforting to know that the rich are not that happy,” Ruck says. “They all seem to be a bunch of miserable people. I actually think we all get off on that as regular folks.”

In the cases of the Roys and the Murdochs, one may wonder: can money buy happiness? Ruck has a simple answer: “I think you can rent the hell out of it. But you can’t buy it.”

All episodes of “Bitter Blood: Murdoch v. Murdoch” are now available exclusively on Audible.

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