KPCC-FM, one of the nation’s most prominent public radio stations, will change its on-air branding to LAist 89.3 unifying the outlet with the local-color digital media brand that KPCC acquired in 2018.

The goal is to connect KPCC to the LAist’s presence online and in social media and in-person events. The rebrand for KPCC will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Herb Scannell, the Nickelodeon veteran who is president and CEO of KPCC owner Southern California Public Radio, described the move as an effort to make KPCC part of a larger media universe.

“As a leading public media organization we cannot stay static. The moment to change to service more Angelenos and beyond in the platform of their preference is now. A cross-platform approach will be the tip of the spear of our evolution, and a powerful unified brand is table stakes to future-proof our mission. It is essential that we take steps to not only serve current listeners and readers better, but to engage the public media audience of the future,” Scannell said. “With this change we feel better positioned than ever to spark the audience’s curiosity, make them feel more connected with others and their community, help them understand issues that are important to their life, find ways to enjoy their city even more, and even be equipped to make a positive difference.”

Scannell emphasized that LAist 89.3 will continue to carry NPR programming in addition to KPCC-produced original programming. He also noted that it reflects the parent company’s commitment to invest in local news, lifestyle and in-depth reporting.

“This rebrand comes as newsrooms across the country are shrinking or shuttering altogether. The importance of in-depth local news, resources and stories that can inspire and connect communities has never been greater,” Scannell said. “Unifying under a cross-platform LAist brand ensures that news and resources are easily accessible, meeting people where they are: on the radio, online, on mobile devices, in person and on-demand.”