Disney is stepping up consumer marketing for its year-long 100th anniversary celebration by unveiling a 90-second commercial during the Super Bowl that highlights the company’s centennial milestone.

The spot features a range of images from Disney old and new, from “Steamboat Willie”-era Mickey Mouse to the Na’vi characters from “Avatar” and “Avatar: The Way of Water.” The spot reflects titles and characters from the Disney vault and other major entertainment imprints in the Magic Kingdom, including Marvel Studios, Pixar and Lucasfilm.

Titled “Disney 100 Special Look,” the commercial blends footage of children dressed as Disney princesses, Buzz Lightyear and other characters, in addition to those playing with “Stars Wars” lightsabers. It also features the voice of Walt Disney expressing his thanks to “all the artists, all the workers and all of you” for taking the Disney brand to such heights. It closes on a title slate that declares to viewers: “You Made This Dream Come True.”

“As we commemorate our historic 100th anniversary, it is remarkable to look back at Walt Disney’s legacy and his passionate pursuit of excellence that continue to propel the company forward today,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a statement. “We are incredibly grateful to the generations of people all over the world for being such a special part of our history and for inviting our stories and characters into their lives over the past century. Disney100 represents a celebration of all of our fans and families, and our storytellers and creative visionaries whose talents and imaginations have created the magical moments that make Disney such an enduring part of the global culture.”

Disney has a host of events and special content planned to mark its first century of existence. On Feb. 18, the immersive “Disney100: The Exhibition” museum show will open at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. It’s billed as a 15,000 square foot, 10-room gallery experience. The exhibit aims to demonstrate how Disney’s long track record of innovation and creativity has shaped the entertainment business and pop culture at large. The exhibit is scheduled to tour the U.S. and Europe over the coming year.

“The Walt Disney Archives is opening its vault of treasures, showcasing more than 250 of its ‘Crown Jewels’ – rarely seen original artwork and artifacts, costumes and props, theme park attraction vehicles, and more,” Disney stated.

The media giant that was all started by a mouse — as Walt Disney famously observed — was launched by its namesake and his older brother, Roy Disney, on Oct. 16, 1923. Disney’s commemoration of the anniversary and roster of special events is set to run throughout this calendar year. Disney’s California-based theme parks — Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure — have already unveiled anniversary-themed nighttime shows, “Wonderous Journeys” and “World of Color — One,” respectively.