‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Reveals How This Season Helped Him Reconnect With His Estranged Dad

Awards Circuit Podcast: 'Queer Eye' Fab Five stars also offer up red carpet tips.

Queer Eye

The Fab Five hosts of Netflix’s  Emmy-nominated “Queer Eye” often hear from audiences and contestants how the show changed their lives. But the show also changed the life of host Karamo Brown, helping him reconnect with his estranged father after 18 years.

Brown, along with Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness, joined senior artisans editor Jazz Tangcay on the Awards Circuit podcast to share his story. Listen below:

“My father and I have not talked for 18 years, and we recently connected,” Brown says. During a family vacation, his father sat down to watch the sixth season of the series. Episode 2 features Angel Flores, a 22-year-old transgender powerlifter and Olympic weightlifting coach who lacks confidence in herself. She turns to the hosts hoping they can help. She also has an emotional conversation with her father about what it means to be trans.

“My father is a Caribbean man. The reason we fell out is because his attitude towards homosexuality or the trans community is negative and has been, and he tried to cloak it in this mask of it’s about God,” Brown says.

However, when Brown’s father saw what the Emmy-nominated host was doing, he turned to his son and said, “I get it. She deserves respect and she deserves love.” Brown shares how Angel’s bravery in knowing that she deserved more made his own father learn something about the trans community.

“He turned to me and said, ‘This the first time I’ve ever watched a trans person or seen a trans person.'”

It’s not just Brown who feels the social impact of the show. Berk adds he is often stopped on the street or receives direct messages from audiences about how specific episodes impact their viewers. “People will talk about how a specific episode helped them come out to their family .” It’s that impact he’s most proud of especially when it changes how people feel. It’s not uncommon for a minister to reach out to say to Berk, ‘I will never preach hate against homosexuals, lesbians and trans community in my church again.’

In addition to sharing thoughts about the diversity, the social impact and representation of “Queer Eye,” the hosts wrap up by offering their red carpet tips for the Emmy awards. Grooming expert Van Ness says for any red carpet, “Don’t rush.” The red carpet is not a time to experiment.

“If you’re going to try something new with hair, makeup or wardrobe, something that’s really different for you, try it beforehand,” he says. “Don’t make a new dinner for 12 people when you’ve never cooked that dinner. So, when you’re going to be in front of a bunch of people that you want to look really cute in front of, practice, take your time, and just have fun.”

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