SPOILER ALERT: This piece contains spoilers for the finale and reunion of “The Ultimatum,” streaming now on Netflix. 

Despite a tumultuous journey on the first season of Netflix’s experimental dating show “The Ultimatum,” Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger overcame the odds to end up together — and they have a baby on the way. 

In the finale, a cowboy hat-clad Colby proposed to Madlyn, who enthusiastically accepted. More shocking, though, was the couple’s choice to get married on the spot. 

“I think he’s a very confident person,” Madlyn tells Variety. “I don’t think he ever really processed the thought of it not working out for him.” 

“I was committed to the commitment,” Colby adds. 

Before they made that commitment, though, they paired up with two other cast members: Madlyn with Randall and Colby with April. But the choice ceremony wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. 

The couple reflected on one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the season: Nate’s proposal to Lauren (moments after Hunter’s proposal to Alexis). Just before he popped the question, Nate whispered across the table that he would be choosing Madlyn — who had already paired up with Randall. 

“I mean, you see my thoughts right on my face,” Madlyn says. “It really was like, ‘What the hell? Why?’ I had made my intentions clear. It just really didn’t make sense to me. So to see a proposal 10 minutes after that, it just continued like, ‘What is this guy thinking?’” 

“I had made my choice, which was Lauren, the person he came into this experience with. And I think that kind of made him a little unsettled in that position that he was in,” Colby says. “Honestly, if I knew my girl was about to go with a guy that I could potentially lose her to, I might have done the same thing.” 

While things worked out in the end, Madlyn has some regrets about the experience — namely, the way she spoke about Colby in confessionals and to other cast members. “I look like such a jerk,” she says. “It shows my grievances, but not my appreciation. In hindsight, I was like, ‘Maybe I don’t express those things enough.’” 

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Madelyn & Colby in the finale of “The Ultimatum.” Netflix

“Seeing how Colby just speaks about me with adoration, I was like, damn, that’s cool,” she continues. “That’s not corny to talk about somebody like that. That makes me feel so good. So I want to give that back to him. And I wish maybe I would have done that a little bit more.” 

“Holy smokes, it was something all right,” Colby says of watching those moments back. “I was shocked by some of the stuff that happened… but I already knew that was what happened. So all in all, entertaining.” 

While Madlyn changed her tune about Colby, what about her friends, who vocally opposed the relationship during the series? “My friends know me. They know I make very good and strong decisions for myself,” she says. “So me coming around to it and choosing Colby, they’re totally behind me 100%. They’ve got my back, that’s for sure.”