Wattpad Webtoon Studios Hits ‘Perfectos Mentirosos’ and ‘Boulevard’ to Get Screen Adaptations (EXCLUSIVE)

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Following the success of Netflix’s Spanish-language teen flick “A través de mi ventana” (“Through My Window”), from Wattpad author and influencer, Ariana Godoy, Wattpad Webtoon Studios is doubling down on its Spanish-language content with plans to adapt two massive YA hits for the screen. Alex Mírez’s “Pefectos Mentirosos,” which has garnered over 105 million readers, will be produced out of Mexico as a TV series, and Flor. M Salvador’s 75-million read “Boulevard” will be developed as a feature film in Spain.

Attached to “Perfectos Mentirosos” are José Miguel Núñez (“Rebelde,” “Pinches Momias”), Anna Grajales and Paola Mazlum. Javier Ruecas (“Somos Fuego,” “Yo soy el que soy”) will pen the script for “Boulevard.” Wattpad Webtoon Studios’ Aron Levitz, Lindsey Weems Ramey, Taylor Grant, and Carla Zeller will produce the projects.

“Perfectos Mentirosos and Boulevard are massively popular Wattpad stories with millions of reads and have deeply engaged fans in Spanish language markets around the world,” said Levitz, President of Wattpad Webtoon Studios, in a statement. “Alex, Flor, and an entirely new generation of Spanish-language creators are building entire fandoms for their work on Wattpad and Webtoon. By investing in these projects and many more from our platforms, we’re going to give fans a new way to experience their stories from creators across the Spanish-speaking world.”

Godoy’s “A través de mi ventana” was given the Netflix movie treatment and the Wattpad-to-screen adaptation paid off. The film reached No. 1 in 22 regions on Netflix and at the Top 10 charts in 85 regions, generating more than 33 million viewing hours in its first weekend on Netflix (Feb. 4). The streamer greenlit two additional sequels for the franchise almost as soon as the film premiered on the service. Godoy’s webtoon has more than 325 million reads on Wattpad and an English-language novelized version was published by Wattpad Books in Jan. 2022.

“Perfectos Mentirosos” and “Boulevard” will be the first Spanish-language projects entirely self-financed through Wattpad Webtoon Studios’ Development Fund, which was designed to fast-track development for Webtoon and Wattpad content with a budding built-in audience. “Perfectos Mentirosos” follows Jude, a grant student at an Ivy League school who finds herself in the company of an irresistible trio of rich brothers that she hopes to tear down. “Boulevard” centers around a forbidden romance between Halsey Weigel and self-proclaimed misfit Luke Howland. “Perfectos Mentirosos” is part of a trilogy series published by Penguin Random House in Spain, where it has been a two-time best-seller and reprinted 17 times, and “Boulevard” will be published on Feb. 24 by Wattpad’s Spanish-language publishing partner Penguin Random House Spain.

Spanish-language content is the second largest category on Wattpad and one of the fastest-growing languages on Webtoon, which is the No. 1 digital comic platform in Latin America. “Perfectos Mentirosos” and “Boulevard” join the company’s growing slate of more than 100 TV and film projects in development and production around the world, including A. Rasen’s “Gremoryland,” Deanna Cameron’s “What Happened That Night,” T.L. Bodine’s “The Hound,” V.S. Santoni’s “I’m a Gay Wizard” and @xxinlove’s “Unholy Matrimony.”