Univision has added four new executives to strengthen its streaming team in preparation for the launch of its upcoming two-tiered global platform that is slated to deliver Spanish-language content to 600 million people worldwide. Roger Sole has been appointed as chief marketing officer, Vincenzo Gratteri as SVP of development, Adam Waltuch as SVP of streaming partnerships and Rita Chertorivski as SVP of business and legal affairs.

“I’m confident these new additions to the team will help strengthen our new products and services to captivate our audience,” Pierluigi Gazzolo, president and chief transformation officer, said in a statement. “These new leaders will bring fresh perspectives, expertise, talent, and skillsets to an already stellar team of streaming executives, which were recently announced at Univision. We are fostering innovation, collaboration, inclusivity, and accountability, which are all central to our transformation.”

Sole will lead the marketing team in development, growth and creative approaches for the future streamer. He previously was global chief marketing officer at WeWork, and spent five years as the chief marketing officer of Sprint (now T-Mobile). Sole was named one of the world’s most innovative CMOs by Business Insider in 2016 and 2017 for the launch of “Unlimited Freedom” plans and the “Paul Switched” campaign. Graterri, who will lead the development and production of original Spanish-language content for the streamer, has overseen hundreds of productions and has worked with top production houses across Europe, Latin America and the United States. He was involved in the production of Netflix and Televisa’s “El Dragón.”

Waltuch will work closely with the distribution and content licensing teams to support future global streaming partnerships and will oversee the growth of marketing partnerships with Univision’s global app distribution collaborators. Waltuch was formerly at Google, where he led teams behind products like Google Cloud and AdWords in Buenos Aires and Santiago. Chertorivski will lead partnership negotiations relating to the development and production of original content for streaming, as well as all clearance and ancillary rights issues related to streaming. Before joining Univision, she was at Telemundo, serving as VP of business and legal affairs for a multi-regional team.