Lost in Space,” “Cocomelon,” “Home Alone” and “Hawkeye” dominate Nielsen’s SVOD Top 10 lists from Dec. 6-12, proving that family programming is mighty, especially during the holiday season.

Six out of the top 10 movies that week were Christmas-related, with Macaulay Culkin’s “Home Alone” topping the list, amassing 307 million viewing minutes. Its sequel clinched the No. 10 slot, with 184 million viewing minutes. The holiday comedy classic remained popular across generations, with age demographics 2-11, 18-34 and 35-49 each comprising a quarter of overall viewers. Other popular festive titles include Hulu’s “Elf” and Netflix’s “A Boy Called Christmas,” “The Christmas Chronicles” and “The Santa Clause.”

Another family-friendly program that performed well last month is “Lost in Space,” which continued its run as No. 1 in both Nielsen’s overall and original programming SVOD Top 10 lists. It was the only program that week with over 1 billion viewing minutes across its 28 episodes, with most watchers glued to the sci-fi reboot’s Season 3 finale. “Lost in Space” was followed by preschool program “Cocomelon” in second place on the overall list, a mostly consistent player on Nielsen’s streaming power rankings. It drove 835 million viewing minutes across its 15 episodes on Netflix, with an audience comprised of 59% multicultural 2-11-year-olds.

Disney Plus’ “Hawkeye,” though geared toward older-kid and adult fans of the Marvel franchise, was second on the originals list and sixth on the overall list, with 527 million viewing minutes across its (at the time) four episodes. Netflix’s “Jurassic World Camp Crustaceous” made an appearance on the original programs chart, and Netflix’s “The Thundermans” and Disney Plus’ “Bluey” were in the top ten in the acquired list.