Former “The Great British Bake-Off” host Mel Giedroyc is set to present a raunchy new show for Channel 4 featuring celebrities and puppets.

In each 30-minute episode of “The Really Really Rude Puppet Show,” Giedroyc will invite a different celebrity to read some erotic fan fiction written by viewers in which the celebrity is the protagonist – Giedroyc and her guest will then act out and voice the entire story with puppets.

“This is going to be a celebration of erotic fan fiction. With puppets,” Giedroyc said in a statement. “Imagine a world where Jackie Collins meets Thunderbirds. I’m so looking forward to a trip to Love Island… via Tracy Island.”

The show has been given a six episode order for Channel 4 and All 4 by senior commissioning editor for factual entertainment Vivienne Molokwu. Banijay U.K.-owned RDF Television will produce while Maia Liddell, head of popular factual, will serve as exec producer and Toby Brack as series producer. Banijay own all format rights.


Meanwhile, Blink Films and See It Now Studios have produced “Secrets of the Oligarch Wives,” a feature documentary for Paramount+ about the women partners of the billionaires who put President Vladimir Putin in charge risking everything by revealing the secrets of staying in the iron-willed dictator’s good graces and the price some have paid for speaking out. The women paint a terrifying picture of a vengeful petty tyrant who saw treachery at every turn, forgave nothing, settled every score and was jealous of their lifestyles. They tell stories of corruption, betrayal and suspected murder. In doing so, they put their own lives at risk.

The 90-minute documentary will stream from June 28.

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“Life in Love” Woo


British filmmaker Abel Rubinstein‘s “Life in Love,” a feel-good three-part structured documentary series giving viewers an intimate and honest look at young love, starring three real couples, will premiere on OnlyFans for 24 hours, and will be available after that to stream on ITV Hub and woo.itv.com. Launched in April, Woo is a cultural ecosystem from U.K. broadcaster ITV designed to make wellness discoverable, aspirational and culturally relevant.

Rubinstein said: “Gen Z’s sex lives are sensationalised, turned into fantastical, scandalous dramas on television. What hasn’t happened, is anyone taking the opportunity to talk to us about what our love and relationships really mean. With Life In Love we lean into the beautiful and the poetic, focusing on uplifting character-driven storytelling to showcase the positive sides of sex and relationships. The advice I’ve always been given is to make what you want to watch. So this collection of love stories is filled with real tales of sex work, kink dungeons, abandoned houses, and, underneath the bravado, an unfiltered portrayal of young love.”

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, creative director (video) at large, Woo, added: “Shaping their own identity and not being afraid to explore what sexual and romantic relationships make them feel good is the new normal for this generation. It’s no longer a case of finding the right partner, settling down, and starting a family. We’re talking about a generation who love to bend and question and rip up the rule book of sexuality entirely – we wanted to explore that through the lens of intimacy.”


Disney+ U.K. and Ireland has confirmed TX dates for a series of new shows including Ryan Reynolds docu-series “Welcome to Wrexham” on Aug. 25 and Joey King starrer “The Princess” on July 1.

“Not Okay,” a satire starring Zoey Deutch as an influencer who gets more than she bargained for when she fakes a trip to Paris for social media clout will launch July 29, new Predator franchise movie “Prey” drops Aug. 5. and “Romeo and Juliet”-inspired “Rosaline” starring Kaitlyn Dever is coming later this year.

Still to come in the next 12 nonths are U.K. originals including David Beckham-fronted docu-series “Save Our Squad,” comedy drama “Wedding Season” and superhero story with a twist “Extraordinary” as well as “The Old Man,” starring Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow, Chris Hemsworth series “Limitless,” season 2 of “American Horror Stories” and season 2 of “Reservation Dogs.”