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Ted Cruz attended a vigil for the murder victims of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas and was confronted by Sky News reporter Mark Stone, who grilled the senator on why frequent mass shootings only happen in America. Cruz tried to spin the mass shooting in Uvalde as having nothing to do with gun laws and cut the interview short because of what he viewed as Stone’s “political agenda.” Twenty one people died at Robb Elementary after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire. Nineteen of the victims were children.

“There are 19 sets of parents who are never going to get to kiss their child goodnight again,” Cruz said.

“Is this the moment to reform gun laws?” asked Stone.

“It’s easy to go to politics,” Cruz answered. “I get that’s where the media likes to go….The proposals from Democrats and the media inevitably, when some violent psychopath murders people.”

Cruz was cut off by Stone, who noted the “violent psychopath” Cruz was referring to was “able to get a weapon so easily…an 18 year old with two AR-15s.”

“If you want to stop violent crime, the proposals the Democrat have…none of them would have stopped this,” Cruz said.

“Why does this only happen in your country?” Stone fired back. “Why only in America? Why is this American exceptionalism so awful?”

That’s when Cruz had enough, walking away from Stone and saying, “I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is so awful. You know what? You have your political agenda. God love you.”

Stone proceeded to follow Cruz and repeatedly state that mass shootings are “just an American problem.”

“Why is it that people come from all over the world to America?” Cruz then asked. “Because it’s the freest, most prosperous, safest country on earth. Stop being a propagandist.”

Cruz then ended the interview once and for all. The senator has been the center of news alongside Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in the aftermath of the Uvalde mass shooting as neither want to reform their state’s gun laws. Jimmy Kimmel went viral after the shooting for demanding Texas lawmakers admit it’s time for the laws to change.

“Our cowardly leaders just aren’t listening to us,” Kimmel said. “They’re listening to the NRA, they’re listening to those people who write them checks that keep them in power. Because that’s how politics works.”