Carry on, wayward ‘Supernatural” fans: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins reunited at the CW network’s upfront presentation Thursday, coming together to “pitch” network boss Mark Pedowitz some projects.

“From major cultural events to hit specials, it is always a good time when the CW goes off script–,” Pedowitz said during a portion of the upfront devoted to non-regularly scheduled programming.

He was quickly joined on stage by “Supernatural” alums Padalecki (who is currently starring on CW’s “Walker” and producing prequel series, “Walker, Independence”), Ackles (EP on new “Supernatural” origin story series “The Wincthesters”) and Collins (starring in upcoming superhero show “Gotham Knights.”)

“We were just, not spying, just kind of existing nearby. And we heard you talking about the movies and specials, and since all three of us are back on the CW this year, we just wanted to pitch some ideas to you,” Padalecki said. “Just back-of-the-napkin kind of stuff,” Collins added.

Collins, who played the angel Castiel on “Supernatural,” pitched the special, “A Very Castiel Christmas.” Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester, thought a Hannukah-themed episode of “Walker,” a.k.a. “Walker, Texas Rabbi,” would be fun. And when Pedowitz said in response to all of their well-rounded ideas that he’d “be in touch,” Ackles, who starred alongside Padalecki as his older brother Dean Winchester, pointed out “that’s not a no.”

“One second, we’re just going to document this,” Ackles said before the trio went off stage, with Collins pulling out his phone to snap a pic of the three of them facing away from the cheering audience.

Padalecki and Ackles starred on all 15 seasons of “Supernatural,” which aired from 2005 to 2020, first on the WB and then on its successor the CW. Collins was a series regular on the show beginning in Season 4.