Stranger Things” was watched for 4.2 billion minutes during the June 6-13 viewing window, which was Season 4’s second full week of availability, according to Nielsen’s newly released Top 10 Streaming rankings. The series has now had three of the measurement company’s top five streaming weeks ever.

Last week’s showing of 7.2 billion minutes broke Nielsen’s record for the most-viewed title in a single week. No. 2 and No. 3 on the list of most successful streaming weeks are “Tiger King” and “Ozark,” respectively, both having become the first titles to break 5 billion minutes in March 2020. No. 4 is the performance of “Stranger Things” the week of May 23-29, during which Season 4 was only available for three days. This week’s 4.2 billion minutes of streaming mark the fifth-highest ever week of streaming.

This week marks a 41% drop in viewership from the May 30-June 5 window, though the series landed at No. 1. Included in Nielsen’s measurement of the week are the nine hours that make up Season 4 Volume 1, which debuted May 27 on Netflix, as well as all three previous seasons. The two-episode, four-hour-long second volume of Season 4 dropped on July 1, and will likely continue to shake up Nielsen records — Netflix’s self-measured numbers after the debut of Volume 2 indicate that Season 4 has become the streamer’s second-ever title to reach 1 billion minutes watched. (Note that Netflix separates its measurement by season and includes viewing across all devices, while Nielsen combines all seasons and measures only TV viewing.)

Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” scored the No. 2 spot on the streaming original chart with 919 million minutes watched. Season 3 of the superhero dark comedy series premiered with three episode on June 3, meaning those episodes had their first full week of availability during this viewing window, in addition to four days of availability for Episode 4, which dropped on June 10. The series will continue to release one episode weekly until the Season 3 finale on July 8.

Disney+’s “Obi-Wan Kenobi” debuted in the No. 3 position last week, but this week, third place was taken by “Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey” (720 million minutes), which arrived June 8 on Netflix. The documentary miniseries chronicles the controversial actions of Warren Jeffs, the convicted sex offender who formerly served as president of a polygamous denomination of the Mormon Church. With four episodes available, “Obi-Wan Kenobi” fell to fifth place (682 million), following Netflix’s “The Lincoln Lawyer” (683 million), which was in its fourth full week of availability.

Elsewhere on the streaming original chart was “Peaky Blinders” (635 million), “Ozark” (568 million), “Floor Is Lava” (350 million), “First Kill” (331 million) and “Ms. Marvel” (249 million). And notable on the streaming overall chart is Netflix’s Adam Sandler-led sports drama “Hustle,” which debuted at No. 2 — a significant feat, as movies are disadvantaged in streaming rankings, having shorter runtimes than the combined episodes of a season of TV.

See Nielsen’s newest Top 10 streaming rankings below, with original streaming titles for June 6-13 first, followed by overall streaming titles, acquired titles and then films.