SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched Episodes 8 and 9 of “Stranger Things 4,” now streaming on Netflix.

Stranger Things 4” came to an end with the deaths of several characters, from Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner to Joseph Quinn’s beloved Hellfire Club leader Eddie. Sadie Sink’s Max remains a question mark, as she died at the hands of Vecna but is now in a coma after Eleven brought her somewhat back to life. But that’s not all the death the Duffer Brothers originally had planned for their “Stranger Things 4” ending.

“In terms of who makes it, who lives or dies… I think there was a version where Dimitri, aka Enzo, didn’t make it,” Ross Duffer told Collider when asked if they originally had a different ending for the season.

Enzo/Dimitri debuted at the start of “Stranger Things 4” and was played by “Game of Thrones” veteran Tom Wlaschiha. The character is a Russian prison guard who Hopper (David Harbour) befriends. Enzo plays a crucial role in breaking Hopper out of prison and getting Hopper and Joyce (Winona Ryder) out of Russia.

“[Enzo] ended up making it,” Ross added. “But that’s [the most] radical of a departure from the original idea versus what we ended up with.”

The Duffer Brothers said it’s unusual for them to make dramatic changes to their season finales as the ending of each season is often locked in from the beginning of development.

“So when we’re breaking a season, that is one of the first things we’re talking about is, where do we want this story to end up?” Ross said. “So the ending is always that goal post. Even as we’re breaking Episode 1, we know exactly where we’re going. I don’t think we’ve deviated truly in any season for the finale, we’ve always stuck to it. I believe the case is the same here.”

“Stranger Things 4” is now streaming on Netflix.