“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” is canceling the taping of new episodes “until further notice” after its host exhibited COVID-19 symptoms. The news comes only a few weeks after Colbert’s COVID diagnosis paused taping from April 21 to May 2.

“Stephen is experiencing symptoms consistent with a recurrence of COVID,” “The Late Show’s” official Twitter account posted on Monday. “Out of an abundance of caution for his staff, guests, and audience, he will be isolating for a few additional days.”

After Colbert’s initial diagnosis, the show paused its taping of an episode with “Ozark” stars Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, before taking a previously announced hiatus through May 2. The show, currently in its seventh season, has since aired five new episodes, with guests including Daniel Craig, Glenn Close, Sheryl Crow, Ron Howard, Alton Brown and Elvis Costello.

“The Late Show” replaced the planned live episode with a rerun from April 15 that featured actor Josh Brolin and a performance by the Who, in addition to airing reruns throughout the week-long hiatus.

At the time of his initial positive test result, Colbert said on Twitter that he was “feeling fine” and joked that he would “do anything to avoid interviewing Jason Bateman.”

“The Late Show” did not specify in its announcement if Colbert had once again tested positive for the virus, only that he was experiencing symptoms. In his tweet from April 21, Colbert said he had been “vaxxed and boosted.”

Colbert reacted to the news that he was embarking on another hiatus in a tweet on Monday, in which he wrote, “WORST. SEQUEL. EVER.”