Charles Dickens had a violent night on “Saturday Night Live” with Martin Short as Ebenezer Scrooge and Steve Martin as the Ghost of Christmas Present blinding orphans and wrecking mayhem on Christmas morning.

Short, as Scrooge, filled with Christmas spirit and dancing around his bedroom, opened the windows and tossed a coin to a young boy (Sarah Sherman) to buy a goose for the holiday. Scrooge overshot the toss, and the coin took out Sherman’s eye. Another coin blinded the other eye, and the villagers looked in horror, exclaiming that Scrooge was “blinding orphans.”

It got worse, as Martin as the ghost tried to show Scrooge how to properly toss a coin, only to blind another villager—but because he is a ghost, Scrooge was blamed. Tiny Tim, innocently calling up to Scrooge, was also struck by a rogue coin, slicing his cane as he tumbled into a sewer.

In another holiday sketch, Short was a cranky elf named Sprinkles, chastising Martin’s Santa Claus for giving in too easily to kids’ requests. As one requested Taylor Swift tickets, Short screamed, “get a job.”

Later in the show, the two reunited in a parody of “Father of the Bride” as daughter Annie got engaged for an eighth time at age 52 in “Father of the Bride 8.” Short reprised his role as wedding planner Franck, and Gomez and Kieran Culkin appeared in a cameo as a narrator said, “We bet you don’t remember Kieran Culkin” was in the film.

Watch below: