Saturday Night Live” once again zeroed in on the war in Ukraine in its cold open with a sketch that featured President Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki consulting with TikTok stars on how to respond to the growing threat from Russia.

James Austin Johnson was back in an Oval Office setting as Biden while Kate McKinnon limned Psaki. A clutch of six representative TikTok personalities were seated on the two divans in the familiar setting for presidential meetings.

“I suggested it as a joke and then it actually happened,” McKinnon as Psaki quipped, looking around the room.

Johnson’s Biden joked about his lack of familiarity with the cutting-edge of social media. “I’m the landline of Presidents,” he said.

Aidy Bryant played a girlish, crafty type who described herself as someone who does “silly animal makeup for kids.” But then she launched into right-wing talking points about President Biden’s younger son. “Oh, you mean the one started by your son Hunter Biden?” Bryant’s character chirped about the conflict in Ukraine.

“SNL” regular Bowen Yang stole the sketch by walking into the scene shirtless with a large toilet plunger affixed to his right breast. He described himself as the guy who does “insane tricks” and assured Biden he was among the most popular accounts on TikTok.

“TikTok isn’t some childish gimmick,” Yang’s character told Biden. “I’m going to move this plunger to my crotch, attach a knife at the end and try to slice an apple. God bless America.”

Tonight’s episode is hosted by actor Zoë Kravitz host, who is riding high on her turn as Catwoman in Warner Bros.’ box office hit “The Batman.” Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía is the musical guest.