Wattpad Webtoon Studios, the fan-driven global entertainment and publishing arm for Webtoon and Wattpad, and GMA-7, the Philippines’ leading linear television network, Thursday announced a series of upcoming television adaptations of popular Wattpad web novels.

The first of these is “Luv Is: Caught In His Arms,” an adaptation of the hit Wattpad web novel “Caught In His Arms,” viewed more than 55 million times, from author Ventre Canard (@VentreCanard).

The show will launch from October and air daily Monday through Friday on GMA-7. It os set to feature some of the Philippines’ hottest rising stars. Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay, known to fans as “Team Jolly.” They will be joined by members of the group “Sparkada,” including Vince Maristela, Raheel Bhyria, Michael Sager, Sean Lucas, Caitlyn Stave, Cheska Fausto and Tanya Ramos.

The story follows heiress Florence Almero who flees her privileged and wealthy lifestyle after being forced into an arranged marriage. She finds refuge in the home of Don Ferrell, a close family friend. But her new home has its own cast of characters, including Ferrell’s notoriously mischievous grandsons. Over time, she develops a close bond with the Ferrell boys and unexpectedly falls for one of them. But just when she seems to start settling into her new life, Florence learns the truth behind her mother’s death and an enemy from the past emerges, eager to take revenge on her and her family.

Ventre Canard is both popular and prolific, having amassed over 1.7 million followers on the platform, published 26 stories, and 342 million total reads. Caught In His Arms was published in 2020 by Pop Fiction Books.

Wattpad has a community of more than six million people in the Philippines. It is also home to some of Wattpad’s most influential authors and fandoms, where writers like Jamille Fumah (@JFStories), Abigail De Silva (@CeCeLib), Tina Lata (@blue_maiden) and Maxine Lat Calibuso (@maxinejiji) have millions of followers and reads for their work.

Wattpad Webtoon Studios also recently announced a partnership with Kumu, the leading social entertainment platform in the Philippines, to adapt Jamille Fumah’s Wattpad web novel “Kiss Master” into an 8-episode series.