CAA has signed Peter Alexander, the co-chief White House correspondent for NBC News, and will represent him in his dealings with media and other potential employers.

Alexander is also co-anchor of the weekend broadcast of “Today,” which he joined in October of 2018. He and Kristen Welker, who is also NBC News’ co-chief White House correspondent, have led “Today” on weekends since January of 2020, anchoring the program from Washington, D.C.

Alexander has been with NBC News since 2004 and has covered events around the world as well as in the nation’s capital. He gained some degree of notoriety when, during the Trump administration, he asked President Donald Trump what he had to say to Americans who might be scared in the earliest days of the pandemic. Trump rebuked Alexander and the question, missing out on opportunity to reassure the nation and revealing something about his inner character. Alexander has also helped cover two different Olympics, as well as the 2009 landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River near New York City in emergency conditions.

“Our job is to keep asking tough questions,” Alexander told Variety in 2021.

Like other journalists, he has been navigating his way as the pace of Washington changes from Trump to President Joe Biden. Trump’s frenetic actions often created “a 24-hour news cycle every 24 minutes,” Alexander told Variety in January. Under President Joe Biden, there can be a lot more for reporters to digest. One early Biden initiative came with a 45-minute background call for reporters. “I could have given you 25 pages on it,” Alexander recalled.

Alexander’s reporting appears across all platforms of NBC News and MSNBC, including “NBC Nightly News,” “Today,” “Meet the Press,” “Dateline” and NBC News’ digital and streaming operations. He is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.