Paramount+ has unveiled its U.K.-commissioned factual slate ahead of the streaming platform’s U.K. and Ireland launch on June 22.

“Our mission is to make Paramount+ the leading destination for unmissable television in collaboration with the U.K.’s storytelling talent,” said Ben Frow, Paramount’s chief content officer for the U.K. “These new commissions will join an abundance of original content on the service, as well as the pick of Paramount’s vast catalogue to create a compelling offering for viewers in the U.K. and Ireland.”

The new titles include:

“Hot Yachts” from Curve Media

A six-episode series set in South Florida taking viewers into the world of luxury yachts as a team of attractive and hard-partying yacht brokers seek to outdo each other. “Get ready for big characters, insane parties, huge deals and the ultimate Instagram lifestyle in this brand-new reality series,” reads the logline.

Commissioned by: Kit Morey and Daniel Pearl for Channel 5 and Paramount+
Exec Producers: Rob Carey, Camilla Lewis and Charlie Bunce for Curve Media

“Monster: The Mystery of Loch Ness” from Two Rivers Media in association with All3Media

A three-part documentary on the myth of Scotland’s most famous beastie narrated by Dougray Scott. “This epic three-part box set tells the complete and definitive story in a detailed forensic examination of the evidence, and with first-hand accounts from those who claim to have seen, encountered and hunted the beast,” reads the logline.

Commissioned by: Guy Davies for Channel 5 and Paramount+
Exec Producer: Mick McAvoy
Series Producer: Stephen Finnigan

All3Media International will handle global sales.

“Simple Minds: Once Upon a Time” (working title) from Lonesome Pine Productions financed by BMG

A feature doc about one of Scotland’s best known musical bands, comprised of friends and colleagues Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill. “How did two young kids from Glasgow deal with global adoration, success, and riches, and how does any creative relationship survive that pressure?” reads the logline.

Commissioned by: Greg Barnett for Channel 5 & Paramount+

“Strip” from Firecracker Scotland, part of the Tinopolis Group

A six-episode series giving audiences a glimpse into the world of Las Vegas strippers. “From the glitzy stages to the VIP rooms in the super clubs, ‘Strip’ will follow a main cast of nine women onstage, backstage and at home, all determined to be the best in the business,” reads the logline.

Commissioned by: Dan Louw for Channel 5 & Paramount+
Executive Producers: Elspeth O’Hare and Jennifer Gilroy.

Passion Distribution will distribute the series.

“The Premiership: Rise of the Billionaires” (working title) from Story Films, Studio 99, All3Media International

A four-part documentary about how the Premier League soccer tournament found itself awash with international billionaires in the mid-2000s. “With gripping drama both on and off the pitch, this is the era that English football truly found its place on the world stage,” reads the logline.

Commissioned by Daniel Louw for Channel 5 and Paramount+.
Executive producers: Peter Beard and Adam Hopkins for Story Films; Nicola Howson and David Gardner for Studio 99
Series producer: Tom Wilde
Producer: Josef Kaplicky

All3Media International will handle global sales.

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