Hulu’s upcoming eight-part limited series “Pam & Tommy” tells the true story of how Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, early in their relationship, made a sex tape that no one was ever meant to see. Instead, the video was stolen by a disgruntled contractor, and eventually dubbed thousands of times. And even when Anderson and Lee attempted to limit the tape’s reach by striking a deal with an adult film company, it wound up allowing for even more distribution.

In a new trailer released Wednesday by Hulu, stars Lily James (as Anderson) and Sebastian Stan (as Lee) are seen celebrating their newfound romance — until the release of the tape sends them down a darker path. Seth Rogen plays Rand Gauthier, the electrician who managed to grab the tape, while Nick Offerman stars as the porn producer whom Gauthier partners with to try and profit off the video.

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Lily James and Sebastian Stan, “Pam & Tommy” HULU

“I hope the whole world watches it, I’m incredibly proud of it,” said executive producer Robert Siegel. “It’s fun, and it also makes you think, which my favorite art always does. If some people just take it on a level of this is a really crazy fun, nostalgic ’90s crime story, great. If it sparks debate about issues of privacy and celebrity and e-commerce or anything else it sparks, great. I just mostly want people to really enjoy it.”

Added fellow executive producer DV DeVincentis: “I want people to have a really, really good time. And when they turn it off, I hope that it makes them look around at the way we deal with celebrity and the way we deal with privacy and the way we deal with what we expect of celebrities in a different way.”

Said executive producer Sue Naegle: “It also gives people a little bit of pause about the our relationship to tabloids and intimacy and privacy.”

Here’s the new trailer:

And here’s a poster for the series, which launches Feb. 2 on Hulu:

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