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After four weeks in the No. 1 position of Netflix’s Top 10 chart, Season 4 of “Stranger Things” has finally slipped from the top. Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy” took that position during the June 20-26 viewing window, having premiered on June 22. The series was watched for 124.5 million hours in its first five days of availability on the streamer.

Based on My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way’s comic book series of the same name, “The Umbrella Academy” first debuted on Netflix in 2019. The series follows a group of young superhero siblings, with Season 3 centering the Umbrella Academy’s conflict with a new group called the Sparrow Academy — while an unidentified destructive entity is wreaking havoc in the universe.

“Umbrella Academy” Season 3 was highly anticipated, as Netflix announced in March that Elliot Page’s character, previously known as Vanya Hargreeves, would come out as transgender and change his name to Viktor. This storyline was written in response to Page’s own gender identity; the actor came out as non-binary and trans in 2020. Viktor’s coming out story on the show has been well-received; Variety chief TV critic Daniel D’addario praised the show‘s “strikingly, even movingly low-key approach” and noted a “nuanced and an elegantly performed” scene where Viktor gets his first haircut from a men’s barber.

Also of note is the chart reappearance of “The Umbrella Academy” Season 1, which took the No. 7 position with 27.2 million hours as fans presumably prepared to watch Season 3.

In the No. 2 position, “Stranger Things” Season 4 was watched for 76.9 million minutes from June 20-26. However, the season will likely climb back to the top next week — the two episodes that make up Season 4 Volume 2, which have a combined runtime of approximately four hours, will debut on July 1. Volume 1 took “Stranger Things” Season 4 to the top of Netflix’s list of most popular English-language series of all time, and to the No. 2 position on the Most Popular list overall, where it’s second only to South Korean drama “Squid Game.”

All previous seasons of “Stranger Things” made the Top 10 list again, as has been the case since the debut of Season 4. Season 3 took the No. 3 position with 32.3 million hours, Season 2 came in fourth place with 31.2 million, and Season 1 came in sixth with 29.2 million.

Elsewhere on this week’s chart was “Peaky Blinders” Season 6 (30.4 million), “You Don’t Know Me” (21.9 million), “First Kill” (18.6 million) and “Man vs. Bee” (18.2 million).

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