Paris-based lobbying group the European Producers Club (EPC) is launching an initiative in tandem with Netflix to help create new opportunities for European women TV drama producers in attempt to balance the gender gap in Europe’s industry.

This new initiative, launched at the Series Mania TV festival, comprises a pitch contest for fiction series as well as a workshop run by Netflix about how to best pitch a project.

Producers of the six selected best projects will get the opportunity to pitch to Netflix. The three best pitches will receive awards of €50.000 ($55,000), €20.000 and €10.000 respectively to take their projects to the next development stage.

The pitching competition is reserved for EPC producers in 33 EU countries working for women-owned companies (women must have a minimum of 50% ownership).

Pitching teams must include at least one female producer and either a woman writer or director. The Netflix workshop is open to all of the EPC’s 170 member companies that include Italy’s Cattleya, Germany’s Constantin, Spain’s Morena Films, and Norway’s Yellow Bird.

Said EPC managing director Alexandra Lebret: “I believe it’s time to look into our own field when it comes to diversity: women producers are scarce, and even more so if you look at the ownership of production companies.”

“Gender balance has to be fairly improved at every level of our industry” Lebret added. “That’s why we partnered with Netflix to empower and support women producers in telling their stories and working with more women across the industry including writers and directors.”

“We are delighted to work together with the European Producers Club to empower women producers in Europe,” said Christopher Mack, Director, Grow Creative at Netflix.