Beginning on Monday, April 18, MTV’s “The Challenge” champion and fitness professional Rachel Robinson will host a series of video workout classes, posted to the show’s YouTube channel. A new workout, focusing on a specific concentration, will roll out each Monday for six weeks.

Robinson is joined by special guests from “The Challenge” universe for each 30 minute workout, which fans can watch for free. Tori Deal, Nicole Zanatta, Devyn Simone, Mark Long, Nelson Thomas and Corey Lay will all be featured.

“I’ve really been growing my family and my business for the last 10 years, which is why I haven’t been on the show. It is really hard for me to say no, because I love doing Challenges. It was part of my life for so long, it just didn’t really didn’t fit into my life anymore,” Robinson, who last competed in 2012, tells Variety. “When they called me for this, I said, ‘Absolutely.’ It was really a creative collaboration.”

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Rachel Robinson and Mark Long MTV

The workouts aren’t easy — Robinson said even she had to pick up her pace for some! — and all of the MTV vets brought their A-games.

“If you want the hardest workout of the series, go with legs with Tori. You’re gonna wake up the next day and it’s gonna hurt. The fun one, but also hard, is Mark’s day, arms. I was laughing the whole time. We have such natural chemistry with each other,” she teases. “At the end of the six weeks, you should definitely feel in way better shape.”

Robinson got her start on MTV on 2002’s “Road Rules: Campus Crawl” and went on to compete on seven seasons of “The Challenge,” winning two. Now, she’d consider returning to compete on “All Stars,” if they could make filming a tad shorter so she’s not away from her 4-year-old twin boys and 3-year-old daughter so long.

“This really felt like a coming together of my life for me. It felt like everything I’ve worked for in the last X amount of years in my life in terms of professionally, has really come together with my experience with MTV,” she tells Variety. “I definitely envision myself going back at some point. There’s definitely one left in me, if not more.”

Robinson adds, “I know my time is coming. I can feel it.”

Watch the first promo for “The Challenge Workout” below: