Fox revealed a first look at some of the costumes for “The Masked Singer” Season 7 during the network’s telecast of the NFL’s NFC Championship game on Sunday, with a promo showing six competitors from the season’s three groupings: The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly.

The specific classifications are a new touch, seeing as “The Masked Singer” has only referred to a season’s groups by an assigned letter (i.e. Group A) throughout its first six seasons. But now the groups are defined by some good, bad and cuddly characteristics.

In the promo, which can be viewed below, there are six contestants, two from each group. Though viewers get a good look at each costume by the end of the TV spot, no names for the competitors are given. We’re going to go out on a few limbs here and assume the words frog, lemur, gladiator, ogre and astronaut will be incorporated in some way based on the looks.

Variety is told that the real names for those costumes as well as more contestants from the groupings will be announced as the March 9 premiere date for “Masked Singer” Season 7 draws closer.

As “Masked Singer” fans will remember, Season 6 featured only two groups that competed only amongst themselves until two finalists duked it out for the Golden Mask Trophy in the finale. While the network will not confirm the exact format for Season 7, Variety is told that though each costume will fall into one of the three teams — Good, Bad and Cuddly — they won’t compete all together in the same group. That means there won’t be a week of all Cuddlies, then all Goods, then all Bads, because they are battling each other.

“The Masked Singer” Season 7 premieres Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. on Fox.