Leah Remini posted a lengthy statement to Twitter following the Nov. 30 news that Danny Masterson’s rape trial ended with a hung jury. Remini, a former member of Scientology, accused Scientology leader David Miscavige of covering up sex abuse crimes within the organization and sent him a stern warning: “David Miscavige, I know you read my tweets. There is nothing you can do to intimidate me into silence and I will not stop fighting you and the evil, criminal enterprise you control.”

“While this is not the outcome I wanted for the survivors of Danny Masterson’s predation, I’m glad a retrial has already been rescheduled,” Remini wrote in her statement. “My heart breaks for the women who have courageously and tirelessly fought for justice for over five years. For years, they have been targeted and harassed by Scientology and its agents. They have also been targeted and harassed by their family members and friends who remained in Scientology.”

Masterson is on trial having been accused of raping a longtime girlfriend in November 2001, a friend of his assistant’s in April 2003 and a fellow actor in late 2003. A fourth woman also testified that Masterson raped her on two occasions in 1996, though her allegations were not charged and were used only to support the other three accusations.

In a note to Judge Charlaine Olmedo, the jurors said that “we are not even close to coming to a unanimous decision on any count, and are convinced this will not change.”

“I want to remind everyone that when you’re a Scientologist, you are strictly forbidden from reporting crimes to civil authorities that other Scientologists commit against you,” Remini wrote. “You are ordered only to report things to internal Scientology authorities… These women did what they were told to do. They reported their rapes to internal Scientology authorities. And after they did that, they were not only blamed and abused; they were told that they weren’t raped and ordered them never to use the word ‘rape’ again.”

Remini continued, “Scientology was responsible for reporting these crimes to civil authorities but did no such thing. Instead, it covered them up…Scientology and its evil leader David Miscavige obstructed justice and participated in a conspiracy to cover up these crimes. They have done this many other times in cases of rape and other sexual misconduct.”

In a lengthy statement provided to Variety, the Church of Scientology denied it ever harassed Masterson’s accusers (as Remini claims) and wrote, “Remini’s only interest is in continuing her profit-making campaign of hate and propaganda. She seeks vengeance for her expulsion from the Church and her primary source of income since that expulsion has been the cash sale of that propaganda and hate.” Read the organization’s full statement here.

Masterson did not testify during the month-long trial. Read Remini’s full statement below.