Dramaworld,” a pioneering Korean-American rom-com series, will debut on in the U.S. on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service, from this weekend.

Seasons one and two will both debut on IMDb TV from Feb. 12, 2022, with the launch marking the U.S. premiere of season two. The first season of “Dramaworld” originally debuted on Netflix and Viki.

The series follows an American girl who is obsessed with K-drama and is underwhelmed by her real life become catapulted into the world of the Korean dramas she obsesses over. There she meets a facilitator who keeps “Dramaworld” turning through deft but undetected intervention in each storyline. She tumbles headfirst into another show starring her K-drama crush but upsets the equilibrium of “Dramaworld” by kissing her hero.

Season two sees the return of leads Liv Hewson (“Yellowjackets,” “Bombshell”), Sean Dulake (“Operation Chromite”), Justin Chon (“Blue Bayou,” “The Twilight Saga,” “Gook”) and Nuri Bae (“Unstoppable”).

Notable new cast members joining the second season include: Daniel Dae Kim (“Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “Lost”), Brett Gray (“On My Block”), K-pop star Henry Lau (“A Dog’s Journey,” “Oh My Venus”) and Ha Ji-won (“Secret Garden,” “Manhunt”).

Cameos from major names in K-pop and K-drama including Lee Jung-jae, the lead actor of “Squid Game.”

The show is produced by Third Culture Content and created by Josh Billig and series director Chris Martin. It was film in COVID-safe conditions in Seoul, Korea.

“Given the recent success of massive Korean series and films like ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Parasite,’ ‘Dramaworld’ is a series that celebrates the genre of Korean entertainment by transporting viewers into a fantastical world where all Korean dramas exist,” said Dulake, actor and co-founder and CEO of Los Angeles- and Seoul-based Third Culture Content. “We follow a diverse cast of characters who come from different cultures and speak different languages that band together to save a world grounded in love.
For viewers who’ve never seen a Korean drama before, think of ‘Dramaworld’ as your gateway introduction into the genre that’s sweeping the world.”

IMDb TV is available as an app on Fire TV and many third-party devices, on Fire Tablets, and as a free Channel within Prime Video.