In the 24 hours since Hulu announced it was bringing back David X. Cohen and Matt Groening’s animated sci-fi comedy series “Futurama,” original cast member John DiMaggio has used social media to champion the many fans who are upset over his potential recasting in the reboot. DiMaggio, who voiced Bender and several minor characters, is not currently attached to the project. His original co-stars Billy West, Katey Sagal, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr and David Herman are all returning.

As reported by Variety, the producers of the series are hopeful DiMaggio will return. An individual with knowledge of the project said a deal for DiMaggio’s return was still being worked out at the time of the reboot’s announcement. Should one not happen, Bender will be recast.

The possibility of a recast Bender sent “Futurama” fans into a frenzy, with many of them threatening to boycott the reboot should DiMaggio not return. The voice actor shared articles of the fan boycott to his Twitter page, accompanied by Bender’s famous “cheese it!” line.

DiMaggio reposted one fan message that reads: “Hulu should just pay DiMaggio, love ‘Futurama’ but Bender is the face of the show.” He also reposted another message that mentioned he is “ready, willing and able” to join the reboot, but he just needs “a balanced and contextual deal.”

While DiMaggio has not gone into detail about where his “Futurama” reboot deal stands, he did send the following message to fans hours after the reboot’s announcement: “Thanks for the concern and the props, everyone. I really appreciate it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted, but until then… CHEESE IT!”

“When presented with the opportunity to bring fans and viewers new episodes of ‘Futurama,’ we couldn’t wait to dive in,” said Craig Erwich, president of Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment, in a statement announcing the reboot. “This iconic series helped blaze the trail for the success of adult animation since its initial launch and we look forward to Matt & David continuing to pave the way and further establishing Hulu as the premiere destination for fans of the genre.”

Production on Hulu’s “Futurama” reboot will begin this month with an eye towards a 2023 premiere.